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Interactive Youtube videos 360 - it's mote then impressive!!! Featured


Interactive Youtube videos 360 - it's mote then impressive!!! Youtube

Everything in the world is evolving, so it is with technology, even the most virtual one. An example would be Youtube, which recently has a new functionality which is very interesting. I’m talking about interactive 360 films.

Because if I try to describe the whole thing I would lost a lot of time and even then I do not know if the words did to meet with task to do it in a simple and understandable way to explain exactly what it is I will write only couple of words about it. This project is something like presentation of multi-camera videos recorded in such a way to obtain the "sphere film”. Then mix this witch the real-time location of the device on which the video is viewed and related to a specific center of the stage as a reference point. The result is an really interesting effect and gives a lot of opportunities for the future ... From what I have tested it myself best play such movie on the smartphone in the application Youtube.

And now we have two choices to make sense to use this benefits:

  • Use a rotate chair,
  • Take a special paper cardboard glasses, an example of which I put in the picture in the gallery.

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