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Menu Start big come back in Windows 8.1


Microsoft revealed earlier this month that the Start menu returns. Even though the date of implementation of the new start menu has not been disclosed it can be assumed that this will happen during the release of the second major update for Windows 8.1 which is scheduled for August.

What's interesting from illustrative material we can be conclude that the appearance of the new start menu will be a hybrid menu start from Windows 7 and a Windows 8 tiles. Tiles within the start menu behave exactly as in Modern interface. And here comes my question, whether the case is not that such a solution will bring greater consumption of system resources. I'm afraid that because the solution has not been pre-planned it was somehow added. Thus, Modern interface can be something quite separate from the new start menu, which will lead to running two tasks in the background and not one task... But that after, and now go and look yourself how this menu looks like.

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